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Total commuter miles:



Total gallons gasoline saved (at 21 mpg):*



Total tons CO2 saved:



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2011 Final Commuter Mileage

2011 Since inception (1/1/09)
rider name miles gals gas lbs CO2 miles gals gas lbs CO2
Charlie Aagenas5024620010183
Rita Aagenas150713840019367
Paul Alman5935474535683
Gerry Borgula2121019421210194
Don Broadway24111221
John Brundage61629565
Drew Burton30715282
Joe Christy1,182561,084
Gil Daws80473
Jeff Eisemann1,880901,7244,3012053,944
Philip Furspan675326192,1541031,975
Hugh Garton7036470364
Mary Hensel3281630145021413
Terri Kepler7647037018339
Frank Lamitola40237
Jim Lee1,573751,4422,4381162,236
Amy McKinley37418343
Jeff McNally24011220
Anne Ormand155714278337718
Michael Pape41620381
David Relson130611965531601
Jonathan Rodgers1,020499354,1001953,760
Vickie Smith6639236
Craig Stephan2,4021142,2036,6573176,104
Julie Stephens966468863,2931573,020
Elizabeth Tidd1,193571,0943,6241733,323
Joe Toland749366872,5051192,297
Ken Westerman85478
Klaus Wolter3,2461552,977
Total 11,69455710,72339,8231,89636,518

Last updated: Jan. 12, 2012

*Fuel economy of 21 mpg is based on an EPA sales-weighted average for 2006 model year cars & light trucks of 25.8 mpg [ORNL Transportation Energy Data Book, Ed. 30, Table 4.20 (2011)]. City mpg is estimated as EPA_Avg / (1.4 * 0.55 + 0.45) = 21.1 mpg using the EPA estimate of 55% highway / 45% city driving; 1.4 is a typical ratio of highway to city mpg. For gasoline the CO2 emission rate at 21 mpg is 0.92 lb/mi.



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