Old Print Maps and Cues

The maps and cue sheets below vary in antiquity, accuracy, and usefulness. As such they might best be consulted or used for reference and historical interest.
Up-to-date route, maps, and GPS data are accessible on the page: Road Bike Route Library http://www.aabts.org/tree.php?cid=4386659


Questions about maps should be directed to Jeff Eisemann —(734) 747-1862, bikingjeff[at]gmail.com or maps[at]aabts.org

All of these maps are in PDF format, and you can use the Foxit PDF Reader (Windows only) or the Adobe Reader to view them.

An AABTS group has been created on the MapMyFitness web site. Links are provided below next to the routes that have been added to the site. Or, visit http://www.mapmyfitness.com/routes and search on AABTS. You'll find several routes created by AABTS members.

Check out more AABTS routes on http://www.plotaroute.com/. Search on "AABTS".

Latest update 4/3/16