One Helluva Ride!


  • Great snack stops
  • Entertainment
  • SAG support
  • Mechanics on duty
  • Quality custom merchandise
  • Friendly volunteers
  • Cold watermelon at last snack stop
  • Buffet lunch after the ride

Registration is open !

44th Annual - Saturday, July 11, 2020



General Information

Join the Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society (AABTS) for a day of scenic bicycle touring over tree-lined, paved roads in Washtenaw, Ingham, Jackson and Livingston counties. The routes wind through rural and recreation areas on beautiful rolling terrain and vary enough to appeal to a broad range of bicyclists.  The 100 mile ride famously passes through Hell ! (Michigan, that is).  Cold watermelon at the historic Waterloo Farm Museum stop (http://waterloofarmmuseum.org). 

OHR riders can choose from several paved and dirt road routes. All rides start and end at Chelsea Fairgrounds in Chelsea, Michigan where you can finish your ride with a buffet lunch and live music.

 Our Rides




Start &
End Location

100 mile paved1005Chelsea Fairgrounds
62 mile paved624Chelsea Fairgrounds
40 mile paved403Chelsea Fairgrounds
50 mile gravel 501Chelsea Fairgrounds
15 mile fun ride151Chelsea Fairgrounds

All routes are clearly marked and maps provided.
Links to downloadable GPS routes will be emailed to pre-registered riders a week or so before the ride starts.

Routes to this year's ride found here

Registration Fee Schedule

Children under 7 free. All minors (17 and under) must be registered and accompanied by an adult while on the ride. Once online registration is closed you may only register in person the day of the ride at Chelsea Fairgrounds. 
Email questions to ohrinfo@aabts.org

Before March1st (online only)$30$12
March 1st to May 31st (online only)$35$15 
June 1st to July 5th (online only)$40$15 
After July 5th
(In person day of ride only)

Pre-register online and save ! 

Check-in times and locations

Chelsea Fairgrounds: new this year !  All rides start and end at the fairgrounds. Lunch at the end of the ride.

  • Check-in: 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
  • Start and end at the Chelsea Fairgrounds (20501 W Old US Hwy 12, Chelsea, MI 48118). Take I-94 Exit 159 North (see map).
  • There is free parking at the Fairgrounds.


Ride Details


  • Cyclists are expected to obey all traffic laws. Like motorists, you can be ticketed if you fail to do so.
  • Ride with the traffic and never more than two abreast. Move into single file when motorists or other cyclists approach from the rear.
  • Signal all your intentions to motorists and the cyclists near you!
  • No cell phones, headphones, or texting while riding.
  • If you have to stop for a rest or an emergency, move yourself and your bike completely off the pavement. 
  • Rear bike lights and rearview mirrors are recommended.
  • Helmets are required.
  • Please review our Ride Decorum & Rules page for more safety information.

Please carry personal contact information on your person while riding


Cyclists can minimize potential problems by having themselves and their bikes in good condition for this ride. A pump, patch kit, extra tube, on-the-road tools, a light jacket, sunscreen, and extra water bottles are highly recommended accessories. You should know how to fix a flat tire and how to do your own repairs.

Support Assistance

SAG vehicles will be making continuous circuits of all routes from 7 AM to 5 PM. Their help is available to all riders with problems. Priority will be given to those riders with serious medical problems, followed by those with significant mechanical difficulties, and lastly to those who simply “tire” or need to fix a flat tire!
Mechanics will be available at the Fairgrounds, at some of the rest stops, and on the routes.
In case of a true medical emergency, call 911!

Shower Facilities

Showers will be available at Chelsea Fairgrounds until 5:30 PM. Bring your own towel and toiletries. Please be neat!

Lunch & Snacks

For all rides the registration fee includes an end of ride buffet lunch and cold watermelon at Chelsea Fairgrounds from 11 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. 

Volunteers will provide fresh fruit and beverages at snack stops as early as 7:30 AM. The routes pass through several small towns where additional food and drinks can be purchased. You are encouraged to stop, rest and take a break while replenishing your energy and making new friends! Chilled watermelon and lunch will be served to riders at the Fairgrounds at the end of the ride.

There will be restrooms and/or porta-john facilities at all designated food stops.

Accommodations/Local Activities

For a list of hotels/motels/campgrounds and a listing of special events, area attractions, and restaurants, see our Weekend in Ann Arbor page.


The people living along the One Helluva Ride routes are generally interested in the event and friendly to riders who give them the courtesy of riding to the right, obeying the traffic laws, and forming a single line to allow traffic to pass. Please review our Ride Decorum & Rules page.


 Unpaved Road Rides

For the mountain bike or cyclocross enthusiast we have rides that explore some of the area's beautiful unpaved roads.  The unpaved routes follow hard packed dirt roads with occasional loose gravel and steep grades.  Some paved road travel is included in the route.  We recommend  tires at least 32 mm wide for these rides. 


Maps & Directions

Chelsea Fairgrounds (map)
20501 W Old US Hwy 12, Chelsea, MI 48118
I-94 Exit 159 North


One Helluva Ride Merchandise 

Click here to order

To order merchandise please follow the link above.   A limited supply of merchandise will be available day of ride.